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This is the fun part and sometimes the most stressful part for a customer! The challenge is to find the best colors to fit your ambitions and still have a color scheme that will be enjoyable or increase your homes resale value.

It's best to get this right the first time but fortunately paint is fairly inexpensive and in many situations the color can be easily changed with a little more effort and a few more gallons of paint.

The best place to start is with yourself and the colors you like. Determining which paint colors you like or should avoid is your biggest challenge. An understanding of color and its effect on your mood will help you make choices. Developing your own color scheme and sense of style is a large part of this process.

A great way to begin is to see different combinations of paint colors used by others. Books and magazines are a perfect place to start. As you probably found out, the amount of inspirational resources is astounding. Many of my customers start with magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens. These magazines are inexpensive and full of pictures. You will find a lot of variety concerning interior decorating and home improvement. Use magazines for inspiration only. Applying the exact colors seen in a magazine will almost never produce the same pleasing results.

With a little effort and some help from us we'll make your project beautiful!